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Love: people-oriented, to only for the nuclear, talent is a strong driving force for enterprise development, care for talent.
Leader: sound, improve the introduction of talent mechanism, the introduction of both ability and political integrity of talent for our rapid development to provide a good, continuous supply of talent.
Yucai: to explore the plastic talent, cultivate talents, to cultivate the main, the establishment of high loyalty, style fine, excellent skills, high moral talent team.
Recruitment: cherish the opportunity for business and staff symbiosis, cherish the talents, so that people do their best to use it.
Health: encourage employees to innovate, continue to pursue, and constantly go beyond, so that the role of the role of talent, probation, encourage more staff talent.
Talent concept: talent is those who agree with the core values, with the core competitiveness, and constantly upgrade their professional ability to continue to create value for the group of people.
Employee conditions: regardless of academic ability, regardless of the contribution of qualifications
Employer standards: professional, professional, dedicated, music industry
Employers principles: wide received, caution, diligent, rigorous
Evaluation of people: the facts that we say, said their own
Transfer the principle: first change the mind, and then change the position, after the substitutions, can be on the next
Staff mentality: zero, learning, entrepreneurship, positive, love, adhere to
Human Resource Culture: Performance Culture, Responsible Culture