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Grille Slag Cleaning Machine

Grille Slag Cleaning Machine


Structural characteristics
The grille slagging machine is used to clean the floating objects, especially when the water biological deposition affects the flow effect, to ensure the normal work of the grille, to reduce the load of the subsequent water treatment process and to protect the normal operation of the equipment.
According to the work form, the commonly used mechanical slag cleaning equipment is chain type, mobile type and wire rope traction type three kinds of grid slag cleaning machine. According to the structural characteristics, there are various forms of rake, loop, arc, rotary, rotary drum, rotary, toothed rake and step type.
The basic structure of the GLC grille cleaner is that the deceleration motor drives and controls the cleaning rake action by winding the cable of the main shaft of the lifting mechanism, and scraping and dumping the trash of the grille.
Product model: serial number + nominal width (mm)
Structure size: Customizing.

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