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Pipe Filter

Pipe Filter


Structural characteristics
The SGW pipe filter is designed for the nuclear power / thermal power cycle water system, and is installed before the condenser to filter the small impurities that can not be intercepted once in a filter to ensure the working effect of the condenser. According to the installation location and function, users also call it the two filter or debris filter.
The basic structure of SGW pipeline filter net is as follows: when the impurities are intercepted again by the split form filter, the backwashing device is started when the impurity deposition is more produced by a certain pressure difference, and the filter core is flushed out by circulating water pressure difference, and the impurities are separated from the medium continuously and automatically, and the flow state of the filter is restored.
The recommended material for SGW pipe screen is stainless steel, or carbon steel lined with polymer material, or other materials according to user requirements.
Product type: serial number + nominal diameter of pipe (mm)
Structure size: Customizing.

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