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Flat / Arc Steel Gate

Flat / Arc Steel Gate


Structural characteristics
The gate is widely used in power, water conservancy, environmental protection, chemical industry, municipal water supply and drainage and sewage treatment. It is an active structural component used in the opening and closing or local open and closed hydraulic structures. Its main function is to stop water, control the water level or adjust the flow.
The SPM series flat gate consists of a gate body and a guide slot installed on the water chamber wall, and is provided with a balancing valve or a water filled balance hole, which is mainly used for stopping water on the front side and the opposite side. The gate can be isolated by opening or closing a crane or special grabbing beam to establish conditions for the system equipment.
The function of SRM series radial gate is the same as that of flat gate, and the way of operation is different.
The above series of gates are steel structures and can be equipped with hydraulic hoist mechanism. Hydraulic jack, high pressure oil pipe and electric high pressure pump station are installed on flat steel gate. The high pressure pump station passes the hydraulic oil into the jack working cylinder to top the piston through high pressure hose, and compress the gate guide groove to make the rubber seal of the steel gate close to the surface of the gate slot, so as to stop the water.
When the equipment is used for seawater, the sacrificial anode is used for protection.
Product model: serial number + gate height (mm) x gate width (mm)
Structure size: Customizing
Control mechanism: optional hydraulic device.

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