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Cement Solidified Agitator

Cement Solidified Agitator

Agitation Pulp

The radioactive waste liquid produced in the operation of the nuclear power plant is formed by the evaporation and concentration of the system and the ion exchange resin to form the concentrated liquid, and then the cement solidified system through the cement and its action to make it change from the liquid state to the solid state. The radioactive waste is solidified in the coagulant trash can so as to store, transport and carry out the radioactive waste. Management。
In the cement curing system, the mixing slurry stirs the radioactive waste water, the resin and the cement in the steel barrel. The operation effect will directly affect the loading coefficient of the steel barrel, which has a great influence on the treatment effect and the cost.
Each group of agitators consists of 2 positive and negative rotation monomers. The 2 agitators are of the same shape and opposite rotation. A single impeller consists of three parts: shaft, blade and connecting flange. Each impeller has two groups of half space twisted six blades, the profile is spiral, and is manufactured by special technology. The mixing material is 316 austenitic stainless steel with good corrosion resistance.
The mixing pulp developed by three families is accurate, the mixing is stable, the cement solidified volume rate is high, the operation effect is good, the service life is increased, and the user's high approval can be completely replaced by the imported products.

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