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Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry


From oil extraction, refining to petrochemical, petroleum refining, chemical industry, coal chemical industry, chemical industry, there are many kinds of installations and processes, and the working conditions are complex.
SNEM keeps pace with the development of the petrochemical industry, providing pumps that do not contain solid particles of petroleum, liquefied petroleum gas and other media, as well as pumps and their services for transporting high temperature, high pressure, flammable, explosive or toxic liquids.
Main products and services include
Oil extraction: high pressure water injection pump.
Oil pipeline: pipeline transport pump.
Atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit: tower bottom pump
Hydrogenation reforming unit: hydrogenation pump (room temperature and high temperature)
Delayed coking unit: coke removal pump
Alkylation unit: chemical process pump
Ethylene plant: chemical process pump
Polyethylene and polypropylene plant: chemical process pump
Coal chemical industry: pump products such as ash pump and other complex medium conditions;
High pressure pumps for the synthesis and processing of oil.
Coal chemical industry includes coal oil, coal gasification, coal chemical fertilizer, coal to methanol, coal to ethylene glycol, coal to olefins and so on.

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