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Vertical Pump

Vertical Pump


performance parameter
Flow: 600-65000m3/h
Lift: 6-100m
Speed: 245-1475r/min
Structural characteristics
Single stage or two stage oblique flow / centrifugal impeller + guide vane body structure, single / double foundation vertical installation, single / double shell structure optional. Wet pit design, pump inlet horn tube from the pool suction medium, the outlet can be adjusted according to needs. The medium temperature is not more than 60 degrees centigrade, fresh water and sea water.
Water lubricated bearings are used in the pump. A variety of materials such as rubber, salon and A3 can be selected. The shaft seal is stuffing or mechanical seal.
The axial force of the rotor is generally borne by the thrust bearing of the motor, and the pump with a diameter less than 1000mm can be designed as a self thrust bearing.
This series is especially suitable for nuclear power / thermal power units circulating pumps, LNG seawater pumps, and other industrial water conveyance and urban water supply, salt field brine transportation and so on. Austenitic stainless steel, super duplex stainless steel and other high-end materials can be used when harsh conditions are applied.

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