The successful delivery of rotary filter equipment for SNEM



In September 10, 2017, SNEM 4 sets of XWZ2500 large rotary filter equipment shipped, submitted to Anhui Huainan Pingwei Power Generation Co., Ltd. to carry out the site installation. This is also the first time that SNEM have provided the category of large hydraulic equipment to thermal power generating units.
Anhui Huainan Pingwei Power Generation Co., Ltd. phase I 2x600MW unit. Its 2# unit has two sets of circulating water pumps equipped with 4 sets of rotary screen. Due to the shortage of use conditions in the selection of engineering design, there is a serious problem of corrosion and damage caused by its rotating filter equipment since its operation, which has once plagued the stable operation of the fire motor group. After full demonstration, the user decided to rebuild the equipment.
After bidding, SNEM contracted the manufacturing order. In view of the problems occurring in the field, SNEM were fully studied, and the structural optimization design and material upgrading of the equipment were implemented. The equipment provided can completely solve the problems arising from previous field applications and further enhance the reliability and service life of the equipment.