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Segment Multistage Centrifugal Pump

Type:SDG/SDGB       Use:18/600 Boiler feed water pump, cleaning water pump   Field:Electric power, chemical, etc..


Electric power





Performance parameters
Flow: 12-630 m3/h
Yangcheng: 270-2150m
Speed: 2980r / min
Structural characteristics
Multi-stage segmented centrifugal pump, API definition type: BB4
This series is mainly used for boiler water supply, but also can be used for other clean water pumps. Corresponding to the operating pressure conditions of the boiler, the medium temperature has three specifications: 105 °C, 160 °C, and 210 °C.
The inlet and outlet of the pump are vertical upwards, the rotor is supported by rolling bearings or sliding bearings, and the lubrication also has different ways of sputtering lubrication and forced lubrication.
The shaft seal form is silent: mechanical seal.
The axial force of the rotor is balanced by the hydraulic balance device, and the residual axial force is supported by the thrust bearing.
SDG shells are castings and SDGB shells are forgings.