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High Entrance Pressure Centrifugal Pump





performance parameter
Flow: 20-900m3/h
Lift: 30-200m
Speed: 1480/2970r/min
Structural characteristics
Single stage single suction cantilever centrifugal pump, horizontal central support, API definition: OH2
This series of pumps is specially designed to withstand the suction pressure of less than 10MPa. It is mainly used in the process of transporting high temperature medium with no solid particles in the process of petrochemical and chemical fertilizer industry. It is also used as a supercharging pump in the water desalination project. Medium temperature: water is less than 260 degrees centigrade; oil is less than 400 degrees C.
The pump adopts three groups of thrust ball bearings in series to strengthen the combination to bear axial force. The shaft seal is a custom balanced seal.
The main components and materials can be selected according to the conditions of use.