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Double Shell Multistage Centrifugal Pump





performance parameter
Flow: 350-2400m3/h
Lift: 1700-3100m
Speed: less than 6700r/min
Structural characteristics
The double shell centrifugal pump is a multi-stage segmental structure. The API definition is BB5.
This series of pumps has high working speed, good rotor rigidity and stable working condition.
The pump's inlet and outlet are vertical upward, and the inner pump can be replaced as a whole. This series is suitable for large nuclear power / thermal power unit boiler feed water, medium temperature is not greater than 210 degrees Celsius.
The pump rotor is supported by multiple oil wedge sliding bearings and forced lubrication.
The axial force of the rotor is balanced by the hydraulic balancing device, and the sliding thrust bearing can balance the transient residual axial force in two directions.
The shaft seal is mechanical seal.