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Double Shell Multistage Centrifugal Pump(medium open structure)





performance parameter
Flow: 600-1200m3/h
Lift: 3000-3750m
Speed: less than 6700r/min
Structural characteristics
The double shell multi-stage centrifugal pump, the inner pump is a multi-stage middle opening structure, and the maintenance is faster and more convenient. The inlet and outlet of the pump are all vertically upward. This series is suitable for boiler feed water of supercritical generating units, and the medium temperature is not greater than 210 degrees.
The impeller is symmetrically arranged, the axial force of the rotor is hydraulically self balanced, and the residual axial force is both supported by the sliding thrust bearing. Because of the imbalance of water leakage, the hydraulic efficiency of the pump is higher than that of the segmental pump.
The pump is supported by sliding bearing and forced to be lubricated. The shaft seal is mechanical seal.