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Grille (also called steel grille) is made of flat steel and type steel, which is used for water intake of large water intake structures, sewage and rainwater lifting pumping stations, sewage treatment plants and so on. The main effect is to isolate large floating objects such as grass, garbage and fiber material into the import place.
The gap width between grid bars can be set according to the requirements of the ways of removing dirt and related equipment, such as water pump, and can be divided into coarse grille, middle grid and fine grille according to the size of grid gap between grid bars. According to the clearing method of grille, it can also be divided into three types: artificial grille, mechanical grille and hydraulic clearance grille. The clearance of the grille is usually 16~25mm. The grille in front of the grit chamber or sedimentation tank generally adopts 15-30mm, with a maximum of 40mm.
The LWC series is a coarse grille, which consists of a grille body and a guide rail that is fixed to the wall of the water chamber by a support. It is usually placed in the inlet of the inlet to intercept the larger size of the floating material. The grid is welded by the rectangular section grid bar and the support frame group, and the guide block is combined with the guide rail. The grid can be lifted and disassembled in the rail slot as a whole.
The LWX series is a fine grille which is divided into blocks and welded by a rectangular section grid, and is bolted to the supporting beam of the intake channel. Compared to LWC, it is a second grade trash rack, blocking smaller size garbage.
Product model: serial number + grille width (mm)
Structure size: Customizing.