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Rotary Filter





Structural characteristics
The SXW series rotary filter can effectively intercept and eliminate the fresh water or water in the water source or in the sea water which is larger than the diameter of the net hole in the suspended dirty dirt and particulate matter (such as water and shrimp, fish and shrimp, etc.). The equipment runs reliably and is easily overhauled. It is widely used in nuclear power / thermal power water system, LNG receiving station water supply system, and chemical, metallurgical and urban areas. Water supply and other working occasions.
The basic structure of the rotary filter is as follows: the motor drives the spindle drive mechanism to drive the net plate through the chain to run in the track, remove the foreign objects in the water, and then discharge it into the drain tank by the washing system.
The equipment can run automatically or manually, the depth can reach 30m, and the special design can reach 45m.
Product type: serial number + nominal width of filter net (mm) - type identification
Note: there are three types, with N, F0 and F1 respectively.
N= frameless front inlet, F0= frame side inlet inlet and outlet, F1= frame side inlet, external inlet and outlet.
Structure size: Customizing.