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Composite Surface Treatment Technology





The composite surface technology, such as laser cladding and plasma spray remelting, is a new technology developed in recent years. It can melt high metal materials on the surface of ordinary carbon steel, and it is also used in large alternating load and contact stress environment.
For parts with more damage but unaffected strength, laser cladding is used to restore the size and reprocessing, and the surface treatment technology is used for later treatment, which can prolong the service life of the parts. It is especially suitable for high value large size and high quality parts.
For example, the repair of large power feed pump shaft, large circulating pump shaft and high speed hydraulic coupling parts.
The SNEM specific repair plan is based on the assessment of the defect status of the parts, and gives a strict and detailed process route.
We will also give relevant mechanical calculations fitting the conditions of use to ensure that reliability is fully assessed.