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Double Phase Stainless Steel Impeller for Million Million Nuclear Power Plants






Concrete volute pump is seldom applied in China, and high quality castings are more inexperienced.
In recent years, China's nuclear power industry has developed rapidly, and concrete volute pump has been applied in seawater cooling circuit of nuclear power projects. Because domestic manufacturers do not have experience in design and manufacture, the pumps have to be purchased from overseas machines, which limits the process of nuclear power independence in some extent.
In 2007, the third nuclear power company undertook the task of developing dual phase steel impeller, the main part of concrete volute seawater circulation pump. Million kilowatts development task. In December 24, 2007, China's first million MW pressurized water reactor nuclear power station concrete volute pump dual phase stainless steel impeller was successfully cast.

The impeller diameter is 3350mm and the blank weight is 13500Kg. Through independent innovation, many technical difficulties such as precision of the dual phase stainless steel impeller model, casting smelting, casting, heat treatment, welding repair, processing and dynamic balance have been overcome, which broke through a technical bottleneck in the domestic large sea water circulation pump and promoted the localization of nuclear power equipment.
In October 2010, the project passed the technical appraisal sponsored by the National Energy Bureau and the Machinery Industry Federation. The achievements of the project filled the technical gap of the domestic large duplex stainless steel impeller production and reached the international advanced technology level.