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Environmental Protection





In environmental protection projects, the application of pumps, fans and other equipment is indispensable. SNEM the main equipment and services that can be provided for environmental protection projects include
Urban sewage treatment and transportation: - pipeline pumps, sewage pumps, etc.
- aerator (single stage high speed centrifugal fan);
- grille, filter device.
Industrial sewage treatment: acid and alkali corrosion pump products;
- aerator (single stage high speed centrifugal fan);
- high material grille, filter device.
Seawater desalination (reverse osmosis method RO): - lift pumps, booster pumps, high pressure pumps;
- water corrosion resistant filter.
Flue gas desulfurization unit: - desulfurization pump;
- desulfurization oxidation fan (single stage high speed centrifugal fan).